Hello world

Are you ready for some Sonshine and surf?

I realize this post is dated Aug 29, 2023. That was when this website was born. I’m actually writing this post on Oct 13, 2023. For the average small business, this has been a fast journey going from idea to internet. The startup cycle these days is much shorter and the process way more nimble than it’s been in the past.

And that’s a good thing!

So who are we and what is Sonshine Surf Co all about?

Our story is carefully being crafted and will soon be published on the About page. Our values will also be clearly and proudly expressed on the site, along with the goals, vision, and mission of Sonshine Surf Co.

But at the core, our company is just a family who seeks to first love God, and then love others. That is the heart that beats within Sonshine Surf Co.

Hopefully, you’ll see that message shine in everything we do.

At the moment we are in the beginning stages of live testing the store to make sure orders and payments get processed correctly, as well as catch any nasty gremlins that might try to foul up our system.

That said, there are a few products on here that are available for purchase! Most of these items are being sold close to cost, since the objective is to test.

We’re also hoping that you’ll provide us with your valuable feedback on the shopping experience, process, and product!

Lastly, stay tuned for a special Limited Edition ‘Launch’ tee design that is coming soon. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to grab one of a limited number of tees to commemorate the launch of Sonshine Surf Co.

Till then…

Live Life In The Son!


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